Maria Victoria Caelles Llacer

Ll.M.Eur., Abogada


International Trade Law and Contracts in General

Thanks to many years of work experience in international environment and my academic skills, I am an expert drafting, reviewing and negotiating international contracts and dealing with daily cross-border business issues.

EU Law

EU Law has a great influence in the legal system of each EU Member and in our day to day life. It is important that the companies and their employees have a basic knowledge of the EU regulations, in order to apply them in the best possible manner.


I have more than six years’ experience working as an inhouse lawyer for an international Healthcare company. I will be happy to support your company in any Healthcare related issue.

Spanish Law

As a Spanish Lawyer living in Germany since 2005 and having worked in well-known law firms in Germany, I am the correct contact person for German companies regarding Spanish law issues o for Spanish speaking companies and private persons with business and issues in Germany.

Legal Tech and Process Improvement

Automation and the exploration of new possibilities to make the legal department and the contract management of any company more effective has become key to be successful in modern times. Due to my experience and the lead of automation projects in the past, I can advise you about the best way to become more efficient and to use the new tools of the modern world.

Force Majeure and Hardship

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic and the correlative measures, there are many contracts and obligations which will not be able to be performed. To solve this situation, a case to case analysis shall be done under the light of the agreed clauses between the parties and the applicable law. As a lawyer specialist in international trade law and contract law, I could help your company in these difficult times, to reach the best solution with your contract partners and to develop a good strategy moving forward.

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Trainings, Inhouse-Seminars and Workshops

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences in Trainings, Workshops and Inhouse- Seminars, which I offer in English, German and Spanish.

I take specially care selecting content which is adequate to the needs of the  company. I usually speak about the following topics:

-Legal basics

-International Contracts

-International Distributors and Agents


-Global Trade Compliance

-Legal Tech

-Process Improvement

-Company management


If the issue you need is not listed, please let me know and I will be happy to work on it with you.

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

The success of an international event can be measured based on the participants’ feedback regarding the keynote speakers. Therefore, the selection of the correct keynote speaker is one of the most important decisions the organization committee needs to do. I am a passionate speaker and I have the ability of enthralled the audience with my presentations, which are dynamic, entertaining and informative.

“Legal challenges of doing business globally”

“Legal challenges of doing business globally” is a main topic for companies trading worldwide. The high speed of communications, the new technologies and the globalization require a constantly adaptation of the legal framework of international business. My presentations helps to understand this changing legal background and the consequent challenges for the modern world trade.

“Interculturality is the answer”

As a result of the globalization, new technologies and free labor markets, the number of foreign workers in companies worldwide has been rapidly increasing. Furthermore, almost every firm around the globe does business with people from other countries and cultures. In consequence, understanding how to deal with different cultures is crucial to grow in a market which becomes every day more interconnected and international. I am a Spanish lawyer, who was born in Argentina and who has been working in Germany for an American company since 2013. In my speech, I will let the audience be part of my experience facing these culture challenges and will share my amusing stories. The strong message of this speech is to get the audience to understand that not only the acceptance, but as well the interaction with other cultures is significant for the success of any company around the world.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". Benjamin Franklin

About Me


Bienvenido and thanks for visiting my Website!

I am a Spanish lawyer with a lot of energy and many ideas, who was born in Cordoba (Argentina). I am specialized in  European and International law and I have worked as a Lawyer, Inhouse Counsel and as a Teacher for more than 13 years.   

Memberships of the chamber of lawyers in Bremen (Germany) and in Alicante (Spain) complete my profile.

Due to my international background, my knowledge of different cultures and my work experience, I am an expert advisor in international business and contract negotiations,  Spanish law and compliance issues.

Teaching is one of my passions. I have provided legal trainings for companies and Universities all around the world in Spanish, English and German. I am convinced that educating the business people of the company is the most efficient way to obtain the best results. Invest in the best resource your company has: the people working on it.

Due to my energy and my passion for teaching, I am the ideal keynote speaker for your conference. My presentation will be dynamic, informative and entertaining.

Legal Tech and Automation projects have been an important part of my tasks in the last years. If you are thinking about new solutions for your legal department, I can support you planning the roll out of these projects. Let me help you to increase the efficiency of your company exploring Legal Tech opportunities, reducing external counsel expenses and making your employees understand, how important it is to act within the legal framework and respecting the company policies.

I will be glad to hear from you soon.

Saludos cordiales,

Maria Victoria

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Skills gained in different cultures

Work Experience


12/2020 until today

Director Legal EMEAi & Global Channel Management

AB Sciex Germany GmbH (Darmstadt)

10/2019 until today

Lecturer: “The Basics of Contract Law” 

                 „The Basics of Employment Law“

Professional School, (Hochschule Bremen)


Lecturer: “Company Management”

Master of Business Management (M.A.)

International Graduate Center (IGC), (Hochschule Bremen)


01/2013 until today

Lecturer: “International Trade Law”

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

International Graduate Center (IGC), University of Applied Sciences (Bremen)


09/2013 – 05/2020

Contracts Attorney DACH & East Region

Thermo Fisher Scientific Germany BV & Co. KG (Bremen)


03/2012 – 08/2013

Associate Lawyer

Göhmann Rechtsanwälte und Notare (Bremen)


10/2012 – 03/2016

Lecturer: “EU-Law I”, “EU-Law II”, “International Labour Law”

European Degree Program in Business and Public Administration B.A.

University of Applied Sciences (Bremen)


03/2011 – 09/2013

Lecturer: “Internationality and interculturality: EU-Law and international regulations”

Risk and Safety Management

Public Administration University (Bremen)


03/2010 – 05/2010


Garrigues (Barcelona)


03/2009 – 08/2009

Inhouse Lawyer

Practigo GmbH (Bremen)


03/2007 – 02/2009

Associate Lawyer

v. Einem & Partner Rechtsanwälte und Notare (Bremen)




Ll.M.Eur (Magister)

„European and International Law“ LLM

Thesis: „The role of the World Intellectual Property Organization in the process of Intellectual Property Rights arbitration”

Bremen University



Licenciada en Derecho / Lawyer

Universidad of Alicante (Spain)



Spanish (Native speaker)

English (Fluent)

German (Fluent)



„Litigation Team of the Year 2018“, The Legal 500, UK



  • PPI Process Manager, Bremen, 2020
  • INCOTERMS 2020, Bremen, 2019
  • PPI 8 Step Method Project Training, Bremen, 2019 
  • Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht (International Trade Law), Hamburg, 2018 
  • Rechtssicheres Marketing im Gesundheitsmarkt (Legally safe marketing in the health market), Hamburg, 2018 
  • LBCambridge: Inhouse Lawyers Spring School, University of Cambridge, UK, 2018 
  • Basics of Global Trade Compliance, Darmstadt, 2017
  • Handelsvertreter und Vertragshändlerrecht (Agency and Distribution Law), München, 2016 
  • Advanced Global Trade Compliance, Darmstadt, 2015 
  • Basics of Global Trade Compliance, Altrincham (UK), 2013


Board Member of Rotary Club Bremen (YEO)

Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer Bremen (Chambers of Lawyers Bremen)

Rechtsanwaltskammer Alicante (Chambers of Lawyers Alicante)


Chambers of lawyers
Years professional experience


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E-mail: info@caelleskanzlei.de

Am Wall 165

Tel.: 0421 33 59 20

D-28195 Bremen

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